Out of balance?

Sometimes I wonder if I in my quest for financial independence, have been overly enthusiastic at the cost of others around me. After all, we know that like a big snowball down a long hill, the bigger your puffy snowball now, the larger the “whambam slamdunk” of an avalanche you will get in the future.

Compound Interest
Compound interest is every saver’s best friend. See how a smaller Invested amount leads to a larger final year end value for the portfolio on the left.

While financial freedom in itself  may seem like some sort of a milestone or a finishing point, I am also reminded that, as I continue towards my first pot of gold, that it is also not a race, and that there are many ways to achieving and enjoying this experience along the way. I like how Dave Ramsey shows us how people are driven by money differently, and that sometimes personal pride and achievement get in the way of what was suppose to be a good intention. You can forward to 4:10 to hear how women and men view money.

Last food for thought in this paradigm is to think of wealth in percentages. How much do we decide to spend, save and give away.


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