May Portfolio Update

Counter Name Units owned Current Price Market Value
CapitaRetail China Trust 2000 1.560 3,120
AIMS AMP Capital Industrial REIT 2000 1.425 2,850
Raffles Medical Group Ltd 2000 1.380 2,760
GuocoLand Limited 3000 1.825 5,475
Total as at 1 June 2017 14,205

Movement in my portfolio in May:-
Sold:- Nil
Bought:- Raffles Medical (DRIP)
Dividends collected in May: $30
2017 avg dividends/month: $20.33

1. Added GuocoLand Ltd to the list of my counters this May which left the warchest a little low.

2. Received dividend for Raffles Medical Group at (15cents per unit), promptly reinvested it back, as the script was at $1.26 or a 8% discount to cost. The big idea behind this counter is its foray into into China’s healthcare sector. For now just hoping to ride on the share price way down and see possible uplift in mid 2018.

3. Capital Retail China and AIMS AMP still doing well, should continue to do even better as the new malls and warehouses come online.

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