August Portfolio Update

Counter Name Units owned Current Price (1/8/2017) Market Value
CapitaRetail China Trust 2067 1.660 3,431
AIMS AMP Capital Industrial REIT 2000 1.440 2,880
Raffles Medical Group Ltd 2024 1.210 2,449
GuocoLand Limited 3000 1.910 5,475
Total as at 1 August 2017 14,235

Movement in my portfolio in June:-
Sold:- Nil
Dividends collected in May: – Nil
2017 avg dividends/month: $22.20

Raffles Medical group continues to sink as profits continue to show weakness given the poor medical tourism climate. We will need to wait and see if the new Raffles hospital wing opening in 2nd half of this year will be a boon or a bane for its bottom line. The company seems to have quite a number of aggressive action plans to grow itself in the near future and I am a believer in the vision and execution of this plan. If the price continues to fall, I might pick up more 🙂