Portfolio Update: Oct 2017

Divestments: Guocoland

Most of the good news already priced in with only Martin Modern left.  I divested at 2.38 on a flat day but overnight the stock rose to 2.46. :X

Note to self: Timing your selling point is difficult and only time will tell if it was a fair price point. Trust your valuations but you can maximize the stock gains by selling only when a bearish signal is given

Added: Straits Trading Company

Solid fundamentals, and I like the “securitization of property” strategy think it’s found its legs in the US and remains to be seen if it can be replicated in Asia. This is a long-term play until ARA relist somewhere in the future.

**On another note I am on track to meet the SA+MA target of 40k come next year Jan. IAGW**

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