Milestone: CPF SA+MA = 40K

I reached a personal milestone on my quest to being financially free today.

Today, I am sitting on 40K for my combined SA+MA.

CPF (MA+SA) Target = 40k.png

The thought of me submitting my first cheque at the Bishan CPF building 2.5 years ago is still fresh in my mind. (That was before I found out that I could do the contribution online).

I am hopeful that this amount will continue to keep rolling at 5% interest till I am 55 and maybe go a long way in helping me achieve the CPF minimum sum.

I know many would question the wisdom of setting aside such a large amount in cash right at the beginning of my career, since there were other likely expenditures like the house and the wedding.

However, I can only say with some experience that the struggle between sitting on cash and staying invested is a continual one, and one doesn’t always get it right.

I don’t know if this investing journey will truly allow me to retire early. But i do know that the amount set aside today will help me retire with dignity should everything go down the chute.

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