Book Review: Cold hard truth on Love & Money

“Money doesn’t do everything, but sometimes it can save your life”-
and in order for it to save your life then, you need to save it today” David O’Leary

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I’ve been reading the book “Cold hard truth on love & money” by Kevin O’Leary. I picked it up, as I wanted to find out more about how rich people think about their money and the habits they cultivate.

“Mr Wonderful” is his moniker on both the shows “shark tank” and “dragons den”. Those two shows are notorious for chewing up entrepreneurs. But that’s his first rule “never mix money with emotion”.

Here are some other interesting money principles that stood out and resonated with me.

  1. Spend less, save well and invest often
  2. Touch only the interest never the principal
  3. Always invest for income – “No dividend – Not interested”

The book is peppered with anecdotes across all ages and is his way of guiding you through the main (financial) stages in life.

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