Giving and Saving

To most people I would imagine that giving and saving would be strange bed fellows. Why bother to save if you are going to give it away? Isn’t giving at odds with achieving financial freedom?

I have been giving regularly to a welfare organization. I did it soon after I started on my journey toward financial freedom as I wanted to remind myself that there was

and I hope to continue to support its work financially even as the portfolio grows in value. My intention is to grow this sum in tandem with my financial portfolio.

To me achieving financial freedom is a shared contribution of everyone in my life, even though the sacrifices may seem personal. Sometimes, its hard to imagine my life with a lot less. It is also recognition that this endeavor towards becoming a good financial steward is not purely a financial one.

If you can’t set aside to give today when you have nothing, you won’t be ready to do so later. I choose to start

In life everything compounds, even generosity. Start the snowball today.

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