New Year, New Beginnings?

Ushering in 2018 meant that I had just survived being in the market for a full year.

Unknown to me, the STI was just about to awaken from it’s sideway trend after mostly lying in the 2800 range for the last half of the 2016. Going in at the tail end of the cycle was a boon for me as the increasingly optimistic sentiment buoyed most stocks into positive territory.

Overall, my portfolio has done well with the main winners being Guocoland and the Capitalretail China. On the other hand, both Raffles Medical and Straits Trading turned out to be duds, I am still optimistic on their long-term fundamentals though and will continue wait to for their catalyst to materialize.

One financial milestone achieved was setting aside 40k in both the OA+SA. The extra 1% interest being accrued will go some way in ensuring that I retire with some level of dignity should this equity adventure go south.

There is room for improvement for myself as several sectors that boomed were completely missed by me (electronics). However, choosing to invest in things that you can understand can’t be too bad a strategy. I have also realized that I have a large anchoring bias and this tends to affect my judgement when stocks trend upwards.

I guess we can only improve from here. Wishing everyone a new and more fulfilling year ahead!