Astrea allocation is out!

Looks like the yield from this PE Bond interested quite many Singaporean investors.

Astrea PE Bond allocation

What was interesting for me was that even though the A-1 class of bonds it was over 7.4x subscribed, the overall issuance of the PE bonds was only 5x subscribed across the three classes. While both numbers are generally positive, does it show how much more investing opportunities there are for the institutional investor?

Another interesting thing was that for investors who wanted to put in between S$11k – S$60k would only have been allocated S$5k. (That’s barely 8.5% for the upper bound investor). The fact that these investors formed 46% of the overall issuance probably shows how much money is out there trying to find a home.

Lastly, the fact that 65% of the bonds were allocated to applicants who subscribed for S$30k or less. Either means that Azalea wants to boost the trading liquidity of their issuance or they really have faith in this product.

Anyhow, that’s it for my bond subscription and hopefully more balanced portfolio. Onwards to the next goal!

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