Portfolio Updates: June 2018

I wanted to change the way I manage my portfolio updates by giving them at the end of the month. I think it makes tracking changes much easier now that I am getting busier at work. Thus here are my portfolio movements for the month of June.

Sold: Comfortdelgro
Divested this counter in June as it was approaching the upper bound of the RSI. On hindsight this was a good move as the news of the trade war between Trump and China seemed to turn the entire market downwards. I will be monitoring the news for this counter and would be happy to add again if prices comedown to S$2.2.

Sold: RE&S
Should have divested this counter on the first day of IPO when it was red hot. However, as I was away on holiday and dallied. Even when the price neared its breakeven I was still wondering. It was only after the 2nd poor result did I realize that this counter was going to be a stone in a bear market. Selling it meant a realized S$100 loss, but I guess the market has proven the move right already.

With the market in bear territory, I will be keeping cash close and my favourite counters closer (Singtel, Raffles Medical, Straits Trading, Wilmar and Singpost)

That’s all and let’s hope for a more cheery July 2018!

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