Allez les Bleus!

France has won the world cup again!

France World Cup Celebrations

20 years after my first FIFA game (France ’98) was given to me by my cousin, France has lifted the coveted trophy again. What nostalgia and a reminder that time really waits for no man. I remember back then, when you only played it P2P, as the computer’s AI were so lousy. Today, even medium difficulty would cause me slight panic.

What a time check this has been for me. I recall that many things which would have mattered 20 years ago do not seem to bother me now. Instead, new problems and anxieties have come in to fill the void.

The reality is that we do change and thus must seek to improve or be replaced by improvements. Our knowledge and abilities should neither be constrained by our employers nor our investment vehicles, but rather by our ingenuity and creativity.

On kinder note, my girlfriend has requested that we go and watch a live world cup match someday. I think that is such a good idea and I do hope that we get to do so someday. My friend went for the match in Yekaterinburg, I am sure it was a wonderful experience for him.

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