Active Income

I’ve always thought of the FIRE game as math’s, plain and simple. At some point you realize that there is a limit to how much you can save and that the next step is to increase your income.

I’ve never been good at increasing my side income skills. Frankly, aside from dividends, which has provided some level of passive income over the last 2 years, I’ve never really dabbled in other ways to make more cash.

That’s before I met Gary Vaynerchuk and his 2017 Flip challenge. Okay never mind, that this is Yr 2018 and I am 1 year behind the curve. This guy is a serious eye opener and in my opinion a very shrewd observer of the changing tech scene, especially when it comes to small businesses.

You can watch his video here

It has barely been a month since I’ve started this exercise and I’ve already sold 3 items. I’m seriously contemplating going down to the thrift store this weekend to see if I can find something valuable to flip for free.

Given my skills, the S$20,170 target looks like miles away, but I guess the process is more important than the product. Imma chip away at it one step at a time.

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